Monday, June 4, 2007

Never end make a story with you.....

Germany's cars are famous because of it's comfort and also it's power. New revolution is always generated to make a perfect car. Stuttgart, German is a city that produced a lot of outstanding cars specially Mercedes-benz. In Stuttgart there also has a Mercedes-Benz museum that show Mercedes-Benz car from 189o until now. You will get an unforgettable memmories if you visit this museum. I've never been there, but one day I will visit. How about you??

Gosh, the most expensive parts and the flaws of the engine......

Last year, I just repaired my W124. That repairment was the most expensive one since I got this car. The computer of this car was broken down. Me and my father have to change it with the new one. This computer is the brain of the whole car, this computer will control the fire system, electrical system and also the instrument of the interior. The prize of the computer it self is 10 million rupiah. Hahaha.. The other flaws of W124 car above year 1993 is the harnes cable that connect from the computer to the engine. A thin layer cable can cost above 6 million rupiah.

==> Harnes cable

What is AMG in Mercedes world? Facelift E 320 '94 ===> AMG E 36

AMG is an officially sport equimpent for Mercedes-Benz car. An AMG's car usually there are some different from an original type of Mercedes-Benz. Facelift that occur are body kits such as front bumper, rear bumper and also side skirt. Second is the engine, usually AMG's car has a bigger cylinder capacity. W124 is also has it's AMG model, its exist with 3600 cc cylinder capacity called Mercedes-Benz AMG E 36. With a 17'' AMG rims makes this car more dynamic. This car is limited edition, it's only about 300 cars in the whole world. Many people make an individual facelift on his W124. Many stores provide the replica of the body kits and also the rims. You will see the different if your W124 is facelifted with the AMGs.

AMG E 36 rear view & AMG E 36 right side view

3.6 litre engine, 220 HP & AMG E 36 front view

Saturday, June 2, 2007

How Fast does your car??

Two days ago, I made a new record driving with my Nadine. Actually Nadine is my w124 name. I drove from Ciawi to Cawang not more than 20 minutes. Gosh my adrinaline was boiled toward my body. That time was 1.30 am, Me and my father just went home from puncak for controlling his fish pond. Due to the traffic conditon (so clear and lonely) I passionated to push hard my car to the limit. I couldn't imagine that my M-Benz E 320 '93 is so powerfullllll.....
I counted with my stopwatch 0 until 100 Km/h just need 11.3 s. That was the best acceleration that I've ever had, it's hard to make less than that because my car is automatic transmition, that has a low torque. Can u figure out what was the top speed that I got two days ago????
185 km/h.......... 14 years old car still has a young car spirit... I was so tense, so scared, so passionated.. I just push approximately 2/3 of the total throttle that my Nadine has...
I'm waiting for another kick down!!


Friday, June 1, 2007

History of Mercedes-Benz W124

The Boxer

For your information, W124 is type for E class mercedes-benz that emerged in year 1986-1996.
First car in year 1986 is 300E, E strands for 'Einsprit' means injection. Injection means howthe fire progress at the engine is directly shotted from the fuel pump. The capacity of this car is 3000cc which produced 177horse power. Mercedes-benz also produced 300dD which has a diesel engine with 143 horse power. Both models came with a four-speed automatic as the standard transmission.

The structure was completely revised and, through the use of high-strength steel and other construction methods, was significantly stiffer and lighter. The front suspension still utilized double wishbones but incorporated anti-dive technology; and the rear suspension was now a multilink system, which rode better and improved wheel location throughout its travel. The front grille sloped back for better aerodynamics and there was but a single windshield wiper that, using an eccentric cam, was able to clear that big piece of steeply raked glass all by itself.

For 1987, a 260E sedan joined the W124 model mix in the U.S., powered by a 2.6-liter version of the 300E's straight six rated at 158 horsepower. Also new that year was a station wagon that came only in 300TD turbodiesel form.

300 TE (station wagon) 300 CE (coupe)

The 1988 model lineup included a new, crisply styled 300CE coupe, and a five-speed manual transmission was now offered on 260E and 300E. Considering that just a few years earlier diesels had made up over three-quarters of all Mercedes sold in the United States, the disappearance of diesels from Mercedes' 1988 lineup may have been a surprise. But increasingly severe particulate emissions standards left the company little choice. This also meant that Mercedes was finally selling a gasoline-powered wagon here as a 300TE.

The 1989 model range was virtually unchanged except that the five-speed manual transmission (few of which were ordered anyhow) was gone from the lineup again and a passenger-side front airbag was a new option.

A diesel returned to the 1990 W124 line with the introduction of an all-new 2.5-liter turbocharged inline five aboard the awkwardly named 300D 2.5. The 260E was also inelegantly renamed the 300E 2.6 for no apparent reason. By stealing the DOHC, 24-valve cylinder head from that year's new 300SL roadster, the 300CE's 3.0-liter straight six now made a healthy 217 horsepower. Beyond that, if you wanted Mercedes' 4Matic all-wheel-drive system on your 300E sedan or 300TE wagon, you could get it.

==>1991 300E

Inthis year also Mercedes-benz produced the sportline w124. All the engines, body & chassis are same. Which differentciate is the suspension is lower that the others tyepe of w124. Makes this car become more rigit with the road.

Much bigger news came with the 1992 models and the introduction of V8 power to the midsize Mercedes. The new, mainstream 400E sedan had the 268-horsepower, 4.2-liter, DOHC V8 from the larger S-Class sedan under its hood. Meanwhile, the glorious limited-production Porsche-built 500E was also introduced with the 500SL's 5.0-liter, DOHC V8 between its specially flared fenders. With 322 horsepower on board, the 500E was easily the most powerful midsize Mercedes ever and the quickest sedan of any size the company had ever built.
=====> 500 E

Finally for 1994, the E-Class officially came to be, as Mercedes reengineered its naming system by putting the "E" before the number and rationalizing the numbers in line with displacement. So the returning lineup consisted of E320 sedan, wagon and coupe, E420 sedan and E500 sedan. We guess "E" no longer stood for "einspritz." To celebrate their new name, the W124s got new grilles, headlights and taillights for '94. At midyear, an E300D diesel arrived with a normally aspirated 3.0-liter straight six making 134 horsepower. Also, the 4Matic versions were dropped this year.

===> New look of 300E become E320 (1994)

With a new E-Class due for '96, the only substantial change to the '95 line was the elimination of the limited-production E500 due to the emition process. E 500 consumes 1 litre every 4K. This become this model wasn't so wanted by people.
Mercedes benz put "Master Piece" emblem in W124 prodiction '95-'96 which the option become more variatif, cruise control, passanger air bag, and the electric krey also being attached.

Mercedes-benz stopped the W124 model in the mid year 1996, and than mercedes benz produced the new E-class which typed as W211 model.